Photo of an icecube

After getting hair removal at Beauty by Dolly, you should be (hair free!) and have minimal to no side effects. However, a small percentage of clients with ultra sensitive skin do experience more irritation than average. No matter what type of skin you have–these are a few steps we recommend to take post hair removal.

Cold water:
We recommend all clients rinse with cold water post hair removal for at least 2-3 hours. After that feel free to rinse and shower using any water temperature you are comfortable with.

Exfoliation: Although we do recommend exfoliating between waxes and threading sessions, we ask that you wait at least 24 hours post hair removal before scrubbing down! When you do start exfoliating, we recommend using Supracor’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungl SpaCell mitt that is sold at Beauty by Dolly.

Hydrocortisone: For those of you who have über sensitive skin, and want to minimize all possible irritation, we recommend using a thin layer of hydrocortisone on the freshly treated area.

Ice: If you just got a full face threading done and need to be somewhere ASAP, ask your threading specialist to grab you some ice to help close your pores and minimize all redness.

Cool Fix: We swear by this stuff. If you get waxed, sugared, or threaded and suffer from ingrown hairs, Cool Fix, although extremely gentle on the skin, works hard to get rid of them- and quick! You may use this product immediately post wax, not only to treat ingrown hairs, but to also calm the skin down.