The Beauty By Dolly Mantra

We believe in spreading love

throughout the world by creating beauty.
That’s why we’ve spearheaded
the Beauty From Within Initiative

where we hire, train, and provide jobs for refugee women.
Through this program, these women blossom into world-class browtists.

We believe that when you look and feel beautiful, you can do beautiful things.

The Beauty by Dolly Mantra

To not only spread love and beauty, but for each one of us to be loved,

and be beautiful through a calm awareness of our body, our feelings,

and our minds so that we may live our lives well,

with kindness and honesty towards others and contentment in ourselves.

We offer you peace
We offer you love
We see your beauty
We hear your needs
We feel your feelings
Let us work together in unity and love.

Beauty by Dolly’s take on Gandhi’s “Prayer for Peace”

We believe that humanitarian responsibility extends beyond our walls.
Beauty doesn’t just come from within.
It can come in all directions and envelope you.
All we have to do is accept it.