What is threading?

We only use 100% all-natural, cotton thread.

Then we twist and roll the thread by hand over unwanted hair.

During this process, the twisted thread catches and removes hair right from the follicle. It’s fast, easy, and painless.

When we're finished,

you’re left with smooth skin and perfectly sculpted brows. The best part is that hair grows back slower and finer over time.

Threading is one of the oldest known methods of hair removal. Because threading is an all-natural form of hair removal, there is almost no pain, irritation, or reaction to your skin.

Let our talented browtists shape your eyebrows and see the difference for yourself!



$ 14

tell us what you want, or leave it up to us! we will shape your brows to perfection in 10 minutes and leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on your day.

Upper Lip

$ 6

from corner to corner of your top lip, and we will do the bottom too at no extra charge (if you request it!)


$ 10

from corner to corner of your brows and up to your hairline (does not include mid-brow)


$ 12

from the top of your ear to your jawline (does not include cheeks)


$ 8

from the corners of your lips down (does not include jawline)


$ 10

from the corners of your jawline ending right above your clavicle


$ 7

right around your cheekbones

Full Face

$ 40

the works - forehead, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sides, and cheeks!

Full Face (No Brows)

$ 35

everything in the full face, minus your brows

Beard Line

$ 15

for men who want to get their beards lined up and not worry about the hassle of shaving for a week or two!


$ 10

around the edges of your ears


$ 5

the inner corners of your nostrils (if you'd like the entire nostril, please book a nostril wax!)


$ 10

the little fuzzies around your fingers


$ 12

10 little piggies are de-fuzzed