Waxing & Sugaring

We’ve got a top-shelf arsenal of waxes for all your hair removal needs.

From traditional hard wax for areas like ears and nostrils to a roll-on honey wax for larger areas of the body, we’ve got you covered.

We’re also famous for our sugaring treatments!

Get the smoothest, softest skin you’ve ever had with our signature sugar wax.

What is Sugaring?

Our team of waxperts has mastered the ancient art of sugar waxing. We love our homemade sugar wax because it stays at a comfortable room temperature, adheres only to your hair (not your skin), and it has ZERO chemicals – which means it’s less painful and causes little to no irritation.

Unlike shaving, sugaring will leave you smooth and hairless for up to six weeks. We’re so passionate about all-natural waxing that we make our own sugar wax from scratch using an ancient Egyptian recipe and 100% natural ingredients! Show your skin some love with our all-natural, homemade sugar wax. You’ll LOVE the results!

Sugaring & Waxing

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Full Legs

$ 65

from femur to ankles. (If you are requesting a specific wax medium, please make sure to specify when booking your appointment!)

1/2 Leg

$ 40

from knees to ankles (includes knees)

Full Arm

$ 40

includes upper arm and lower arm

1/2 Arm

$ 25

from elbow to hands

3/4 Arm

$ 35

from the middle of your upper arm down to your hands


$ 20

the underside of your upper arm

Full Back

$ 40+

shoulder blade to your sacrum (the bottom of your spine)

Lower Back

$ 25

midback to sacrum

Full Front (chest)

$ 40

clavicle to your hips

Lower Stomach

$ 25

mid-chest to your hips


$ 45

clavicle to the bottom of your ribs


$ 35+

any fuzzies you may have outside your panty line


$ 35+

any fuzzies you may have outside your panty line

Partial Brazilian

$ 40+

AKA the 'french brazilian' - think of a bikini that leaves a strip down the middle, but doesn't go in the back!


$ 45+

leaves you bare, front and back (unless you request otherwise!)

Male Brazilian

$ 75

for the guys: leaves you bare, front and back (unless you request otherwise!)

Brazilian (with design)

$ 50

leaves you bare, front and back, except for a design of your choice!


$ 25

both cheeks (you get the point)

Inner Bum

$ 15

inside your cheeks

Happy Trail

$ 12

the happiest of trails, from your belly button down to your hips


$ 20

the top and sides of both of your shoulders


$ 15

behind your neck


$ 20

around and inside


$ 20

as much (or little) of your nostril hairs removed