Everything You Need to Know About Keratin Lash Infusions

If you’re like us, you’re doing everything you can to streamline your getting-ready routine. That might mean brushing your teeth in the shower, using a hybrid makeup product, or even prepping your hair the night before and sleeping in a high bun so you’re ready to go in the a.m.

One of the handiest, most effective shortcuts we love is the keratin lash infusion. This treatment involves darkening and lifting your own lashes with a special pigment infusion—no artificial lashes needed. The result is thick, curly lashes without ever needing an eyelash curler. There’s no damage or chemicals used on the lashes, and it looks far more natural than eyelash extensions. Plus, you can still use mascara!

We began offering keratin lash infusions this spring, knowing it was the ideal complement to sleek, groomed brows. The process takes just one hour and lasts 6–8 weeks. If you’re familiar with keratin hair treatments, then you know how powerful this protein can be. Our keratin is vegan and made with ingredients like silk amino acids, castor oil, and hydrolyzed oats to smooth the hair cuticle, making it look glossy and strong.

“Our keratin lash infusions are cruelty-free, formaldehyde-free, and don’t damage the lashes the way many other services do,” says Beauty By Dolly’s Director of Operations and Expansion, Natashah Torki. “Other services can make your lashes look beautiful in the moment, but then hurt the hair and skin in the long run. Our treatments infuse the lashes with real keratin, not only helping them become longer, stronger, and fuller, but lifted, too.”

Adding the treatment to our menu keeps with Beauty By Dolly’s philosophy of offering the most natural options with the best long-term effects. We offer threading as an alternative to waxing, which can cause premature wrinkling and hyperpigmentation over time. We offer henna as a safe swap for dye. Similarly, keratin lash infusions are Beauty By Dolly’s way of offering a clean, chemical-free way to achieve thicker, fuller lashes.

And as a special treat leading up to the holidays, we’ll be offering $20 off keratin lash infusion treatments today through November 22nd. Book your appointment today!