It’s Fall! Time to Update Your Skincare

The arrival of autumn doesn’t just mean apple-picking, pumpkin spice lattes, and busting out those sweaters from storage. It also means shifting your beauty routine to acclimate to cooler, drier weather. Here’s our handy guide to the necessary seasonal swaps:


Switch to a thicker moisturizer

While your summer may have been all about oil-free moisturizers and lightweight creams — oil production slows down during the warmer months — now’s the time to double down on hydration. Look for options made with ceramides (soy, eggs, dairy, wheat germ, and brown rice are also good sources of ceramides) to keep your skin plump and healthy.


Cut back on exfoliation

The temptation may be to slough off all that sunscreen-slathered summer skin, but the incoming drier and colder air means your skin is more sensitive to exfoliants and retinoids. Bump it down to exfoliating once versus two or three times per week.


Get an antioxidant boost

It’s important to keep the blood flowing during colder weather when blood vessels tend to constrict. Ingredients like rosemary, ginseng extract, and peppermint come with an antioxidant-packed boost that improve glow and complexion. If you’re battling dark spots from too much time in the sun, a Vitamin C serum can help even out your complexion.


Keep the SPF coming

Just because you’re not out at the beach doesn’t mean you can skip the sun protection. According to the CDC, UV rays can damage your skin in as little as 15 minutes. 

And while fall means less sunburn-producing UVB rays, UVA rays — the ones that lead to aging skin and wrinkles — are just as strong in winter months.


Turn on the humidifier

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your skin isn’t necessarily a cream or serum but a humidifier. Don’t expect it do reverse the signs of aging or remedy dark spots. What it can do is add moisture to the now-drier air, which in turn brightens skin. Bonus? It leads to shiny hair, too.