The 6 Essential Tools in Your Brow Kit

Eyebrows are one of the most important factors in framing your face and highlighting your best features. So whether you’re on the go or need to lock down an efficient pre-work regimen between threading appointments, it’s helpful to keep a toolkit of VIP products on hand. Here, the six must-haves:



Some people are born with thick, fluffy eyebrows. For those lacking in this department — or those who went through phases of waxing/tweezing/threading bushy brows that haven’t grown back the same way — a brow powder will be your new best friend. It can amp up the look in a natural way, thanks to a shadow-like effect that makes them appear fuller. And if you’re going this route, you’re going to need a…



The ideal eyebrow brush is angled to help with precise application. Some brushes even come with an angled brush on one end and a smaller tip on the other, which is ideal for filling in small gaps. New to using these brushes? Our browtists at Beauty By Dolly can show you how at your next appointment.



While powders help deepen the color of sparse brows, pencils are all about precision. Aim for hair-like strokes in a color just one shade lighter than your natural eyebrow hair hue. And if you’re looking for a semi-permanent solution, try our microblading treatment, where our pros layer pigment under the top surface layers of your skin by hand before using a series of hair-like strokes to mimic natural hair in your brows. It lasts 1-3 years!



We talked about the importance of brow hydration, an essential but often forgotten step in eyebrow care. Our Resurrect Brow Conditioner (available in stores) nourishes both the hair and the skin below, especially important if you’re growing out your brows.



Think of eyebrow gel like hairspray — it tames strays and curly hairs, and keeps your brows in place. Gels come in colored hues as well as in clear if you don’t want to add more pigment.



The last step in your brow routine could be a swipe of highlighter — which usually comes in shades of white, peach, and pink — to emphasize arch shape and make both your eyes and eyebrows pop. A swipe on each side, and you’re out the door!