About Us

Beauty by Dolly was started by 2 sisters, Dolly and Kashmira.

Dolly’s history and love affair with threading and sugaring started long ago, 50+ years ago in fact, where she learned how to make sugar and thread eyebrows by her childhood neighbor. Since then, she has continued to share her love for sugaring and threading with people all around the world - India, Iran, and America!

Kashmira started her esthetics career over 35 years ago at a world-renowned spa and has had the honor of providing facials and hair removal to many celebrities. She left her career to pursue her love for aesthetics with her sister, Dolly.

When Beauty by Dolly opened, Kashmira’s daughter, Natashah just graduated high school and started working at Beauty by Dolly alongside going to school. Fast forward 19 years and she has since graduated (twice!) from UCLA and has received not only her bachelors, but also her MBA from this prestigious school. She has helped Beauty by Dolly grow into the brand it is, helping streamline the business and create an amazing ambiance and experience for clients. Natashah loves bringing these experiences to clients and is always looking for a way to elevate what Beauty by Dolly has to offer. Thanks to Natashah, Beauty by Dolly has been mentioned in InStyle Magazine, and awarded many local awards as San Diego’s favorite brow and hair removal studio.