How To Make Your Own Clean Body Wash

If you couldn’t tell by our motto “Hair Free, Naturally,” we’re passionate about the clean beauty movement. We pay close attention to ingredients, formulations, and environmental effects. That sort of empowerment and education also means using that knowledge to navigate options that work for our unique selves. And sometimes the best way to treat our skin is to create custom options. Our own Natashah Torki, Beauty by Dolly Director of Operations and Expansion, makes a body wash that she uses on the daily — you may remember it from her morning routine round-up.


“My skin is so dry,” she says. “Most body washes leave my skin parched, especially in the winter, with nearly cracking, itchy skin. So I resorted to making my own body butter and body wash, which has kept my skin moisturized.”


Here’s how she makes it:


DIY Body Wash



¾ cup castile soap

¾ cup carrier oil*

½ cup raw honey

15 drops essential oil(s) of your choice


*She uses fractionated coconut oil because it doesn’t feel as heavy as some other oils, but any carrier oil you prefer (i.e. coconut, almond, jojoba) will work, too.



Mix all ingredients in a reusable container. You can add or subtract the number of drops of essential oils based on your scent preference.