The History Behind Threading

Long before it was written about in magazines or a favorite hair removal method among celebrities, threading was the go-to hair removal method in the East, specifically in the regions now known as Iran, India, as well as Central Asia. Much like sugaring, the technique has been practiced for centuries—many quote 6,000 years—with hair removal signifying a women’s entry into adulthood. It meant she was grown up and ready for marriage.

Of course the terms have broadened. Threading is now a preferred hair removal method among many genders and ages, and was even popular among U.S. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan who were looking to keep their mustaches and sideburns in step. But even after thousands of years, the technique is the same.

Our founders Dolly Bakshai and Kashmira Torki learned threading (and sugaring) in their native India and Iran before opening Beauty by Dolly in 2005. They knew the ancient method was just as valid today for maintaining the skin’s integrity while offering a polished final look. Need a refresher?

Threading involves twisting a 100% cotton thread into a lasso shape to remove hair line by line—and individually as needed—with precision painlessly and hygienically. With that kind of control, we can shape, define, or just remove strays for everything from eyebrows and the upper lip to chin, fingers, toes, beard lines, and the full face.
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